Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teddy Beat The Socks Off My Needles....

As of this post, I still don't have that second sock finished. Not to worry, I have done a little knitting on it though...it will not fall victim to SSS. Ms Thang has decided that a Teddy was a bit more urgent than that second sock. (She's still wearing the first one to bed...lol) Today, I knitted my fingers off to get this little fella ready...he's waiting on one more ear and he's all done.

The color is nowhere near true in the photo but it's late and the lighting really stinks right now. He's/She's a very pretty pale mauve color knitted with more of the wonderful yarn that Shirls sent me from South Africa. It's called Lollipop yarn but there's no color listed on the label. It's 100 % acrylic...yeah, acrylic......and I love this stuff! It's so soft and it's an absolute pleasure to knit. I used some scrap Sugar & Cream in Black for the face. I think I need to invest in something a little lighter for faces if this toy knitting continues. The cotton looks a little bulky to me.

Oh yeah, almost forgot...he's/she's going to need a little scarf or a ribbon around that little neck. I'll have to get that figured out too. I like the way a little scarf looks on the teddies...maybe that will be okay with Ms Thang. I'll be sure to ask first.

*Got half of the body done for the next duckie....March will be here soon so I need to get busy. Froggie's little one is having that birthday whether I finish or not and I want to be finished. He's gonna love it!

Okay, gotta get some rows done on my Icelandic Shawl tonight because Friday will be here even sooner than March. lol Then there's the sock.....can I borrow some knitting hands? Somebody? Anybody? Hellooooooooooo? :P


hakucho said...

Oh, my goodness...you do have a lot of knitting to do! I so wish I had a self cleaning house and the laundry would do itself. I don't mind cooking, but I'm not fond of the clean up. Sure wish I could knit more than I do, but it seems like there is always so much to do.

Teddy looks great so far :) Good luck with all of the rest of your knitting :)

Sandy said...

Cute...I've not gotten into making any toys, and at this stage it's probably best for me not to get excited about making something new...must concentrate on the tasks at hand.

I love the title of your blog, not sure if I noticed that before...very clever.

Sitting here on puter, thinking about what to work on; if only the thinking about it so made it happen.

Not to worry about the mud on the welcome mat...it adds great constrast to the snow the little guy from next door left.

Will Spring ever come?

Have a good rest of the week, is hump day. I'll start pouring wine about 5...shall I get a glass out for you?

Toni said...

Hey! That's one cute bear! You are such a prolific knitter!

I finally got my new net service workin', well kinda, still having trouble as it's painfully slow, but I can surf a little now. I couldn't leave comments all last week..ughy.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

He's looking cute!