Friday, February 15, 2008

In Progress....

The weather has been pretty nice today....sunny and 60 degrees F. I'm beginning to look forward to Spring though. The kids and I are already making plans to go camping. We haven't been in quite a while and we really miss it.

Ms Thang slept in that sock last was so funny. I didn't even realize she still had it on until she got up this morning to get ready for school. Monday is her birthday so she brought home a present from her interpreter. That woman is the best! She got her a big Dry Erase Board with 2 boxes of markers and an eraser. Ms Thang loves to draw and has been playing with it since she got home. We're going to hang it up in her room.

Lilduckie wanted to show you a couple of things we've been working on. This is part of a Spa Set we're putting in the Christmas gifts box. The square one is face cloth and the other one is a headband. The face cloth is actually a modified mug rug.....I thought my recipients would have more use for a face cloth than the mug rug so I just added a few more stitches and went with it.
The pattern is one of Sue's at Harvest Moon . She has the nicest designs...something for everyone.

This is the progress to date on the Icelandic Shawl. So far, I'm doing great keeping up with the KAL. I'm a few rows ahead at this point and I'm going to try my best to stay on track with everyone. Ahead is great but as long as I'm on schedule...I'm happy.

Okay, gotta get that second sock OTN and start on lilduckie's sibling...birthday gift for Froggie's little one.



Aunt Kathy said...

That shawl is going to look great.

I love looking at lil duckie posing for your blog. LOL

sappmama said...

Wow! This shawl is going to be gorgeous!

hakucho said...

Your shawl is coming along fine. Boy, you're a fast knitter. The sock and the shawl and your spa items and starting another duck...I'm pitiful in comparison!

happy knitting :)

Cat said...

Yeah!!!! I am so happy to see your shawl. Sorry I've been quite my Dad, niece and her gfriend are down from NY.