Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My First PAIR Of Socks.....FINISHED!

Well, I can now blog my final post on the first "pair" of socks. Yes, the second sock is now finished and on the foot of Ms Thang. She can sleep with two warm feet tonight. lol

The second one seemed to take me a lot longer than the first and I was so afraid the entire time that it would come out all wrong or too big or too little.....but miraculously, it's the same size! I am shocked and proud.

The photos aren't as clear as I would have liked but again, it's late and the light is crappy. I am so relieved to be finished and see that they did turn out not only the same size but wearable too.

Ms Thang was thrilled to have it done and put it on right away. These are going to be worn out real soon...I just have a feeling about that.

Teddy is still waiting on his last ear and a scarf and he's good to go. He had to chill on the desk while I got the sock finished. It was driving me insane and I can't cast on for another one until I finished the pair so it just had to be done.

Now, I'm going to fix me a nice cup of hot chocolate (courtesy of Aunt Kathy)....have the worst sore throat and need something warm and soothing. Spring....come on already....all this sickness is just ridiculous!


amy-lynne......... said...

WTG !!!! ok now where's my pair... gotta support our tigers.... lol.... you worry too much... i knew they would turn out the same... you were following a very good chart.... laters :Þ

Carol said...

That was quick! It took me ages to finish my first pair awesome job!

Have a great day!

Tea said...

The socks look great! You're really going to town with your knitting. Cool.

Oh look, I can leave comments now. Life is good.

Aunt Kathy said...

I love the socks... I knew they were gonna look great, I really liked the color.

How do you like the "Holy Chocolate"? I had to buy some for myself too, but haven't tried any yet, LOL

Cat said...

Oh I just love them!!!! I am sure they will be worn out. You did an awesome job!!!

Now get better soon hon!!


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

They looks great hun, Congrats on your first pair os socks, question. Did you use worsted weight sock yarn? or did you use sock weight sock yarn?

hakucho said...

Yay...Excellent job on the socks!! Ms. Thang must be so happy and very proud of you :) I think you are going to have a hard time getting them off of her.

Feel better real soon...hugs :)

DawnK said...

Looking good. My second sock only needs toe decreases and kitchener stitch, before I can wear them officially!

Shea said...

Great job! Your first pair of socks looks way better than mine did.