Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sluggish Sunday

I was asked about the size of the keychain so I thought another photo would be the best way to explain. This is my car key next to the's just a little bigger than the key but it really stand out. I so love this keychain...gotta get some more.

This is just to prove that I DO NOT have SSS...yet. It's OTN and I hope it will a FO tomorrow. Ms Thang is over-seeing production and not cutting me a bit of slack. lol Since tomorrow is her birthday, I really want to have it done. I would be further along but I spent way too much on Ravelry looking at sock patterns and trying to decide what my next one will be. I have some Tofutsies and I'm ready for another pair.

I am, however, very upset with these brand new hand made birch sock needles I bought recently at my LYS. They were $8.50 of worthless crap! I opened them yesterday and used them for the first time and one of the needles just split apart. They will making a trip back to the store and hopefully I can get another pair (different kind) because using these long DPs is really a pain.

That's my rant for the day....going back to my heating's a girl thing. Nuff said.



Wendy said...

Tell miss Thang HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Michigan......Oh and that damn girl thing hit me yesterday......My baby girl turns 4 tomorrow......Miss Thang is going to be so happy with her birthday socks....Have a great day today....

hakucho said...

I'm using plain old plastic dpn that are old...were my mother's. They work great...not too slippery - I love them. I have no idea if you can still buy them or not.I used aluminum ones previously which were way too slippery.

Good luck finishing your sock. Your keychain sock is so tiny...but oh, so cute :)

happy knitting :)

Shea said...

Birthday Hi Fives to Miss Thang from Atlanta, GA! I think it's so cute that she's begging for these socks.