Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Horses, Rain & Socks

We've had another gloomy day. It was mostly just cloudy and windy until about 2:30 pm and then the rain poured. It didn't last too awful long and after an afternoon walk more complaining about the rain. I have some shrubs that were given to me last year by Froggie. She and I both were pretty convinced that they were dead. I watered them profusely but they just sat there all dried out and pitiful. Ms Thang and I were walking around outside and I just glanced over at the shrubs to check them out.....pretty green is growing down on the inside of them near the roots. I was so excited! They live!!!! When we have a warmer day....I'll go out and cut all the dead, brown stuff off so the new growth can take over. YAY SHRUBS!!!

The main reason for our walk was to go next door to see the horses. Our neighbors have two of the sweetest horses you will ever meet. They were wet and muddy from the rain shower but still cute. This is the youngest fella....his name is Black Jack. I think he was a little disappointed with us since we didn't bring carrots. Sorry...little guy.

Ms Thang here petting both horses. The bigger horse is the mom....her name is April. I was hoping to get a couple of shots of them running and playing but they were more interested in finding out what we were up to. Black Jack did take a minute to go roll around in the mud but then he came right back. We'll try again another day when it's dry and pretty outside and the sun is shining.

A little more progress on the Broadripple Sock was a hit at speech therapy...I knitted while I waited. Several people stopped to comment and not one person seemed shocked. I always knit something while I wait so they just expect it now I guess. If I go without my knitting...that's when they seem surprised. The color in this photo is pretty true...that last one was too yellowish. (that is a word, right?)

Gotta go get back to swatching a new scarf....the original design Froggie and I charted didn't work out with the yarn so I re-charted it with YO's instead of just knit and purl stitches. If all goes well....there may be photos of progress...soon.



kadezmom said...

Okay, I love your socks so much, I had to go and order some cascade fixation myself!

So glad the shrub is coming back. Digging those suckers out is NOT a fun time to be had by all

Aunt Kathy said...

Me too, I ordered some too... I love the sock.

Tea said...

Hi Melanie,

Glad your shrubs are gonna make it. I hate when I lose plants & such.

Them socks are lookin' pretty nice. I thinks we could make a deal here.
One Gen. Lee cake trade for one pair of wonderful socks..sounds good to me!
Heh, heh?? ;p Think on it!

Looks like this will go through this time. Tried to post this a.m., but the code would not appear...cranky thang!

hakucho said...

LOVE your's really a pretty pattern!

I've never knitted socks in public, but I would imagine it would be quite intriguing to see how people reacted to it. I really turned heads when I was knitting my plastic bags.