Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh Yeah.....I Have AN FO!!!

If you remember a little while ago, I was starting the Purl McBigBottom purse . Betcha thought it would never get finished....I was doubtful myself. Well, here it is! Done! Finished! YAY! I did some extra repeats here and there and it's not exactly to the pattern but my yarn was not quite as chunky so it was turning out a bit small. I think it will look even better once I get something in it and you can see the "bigbottom" effect. I was pretty pleased with it and already got a "I want one of those" from Mom and my sister even thought it was cute. Not a bad day's work.

Gotta give ya a little close-up of the I'm really wishing I had stuffed something in there beforehand. lol I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. I'm thinking the color was Taupe but not 100% sure. This really is a quick knit if you actually knit on it and not push it to the side like I did. :P

And...progress on the second sock. I need to get it gear with the knitting so I can get these finished already. I want to wear them! And for once...a photo that shows the colors true. Aunt Kathy...I have thought about that 2 socks on 2 circulars thing be perfectly honest, I am askeerd. I'll let you try that first and tell me the details. lol And thank you, thank you Shelly....someone else gets my logic!!

Okay, before I go....sharing a little more spring with ya. I keep going out and looking to see what's budding and which plants are going to make it back this year. Still waiting on my elephant ears...too early to tell yet I think.

Now I'm off to get my Wee Tiny Sock done for my partner. I'm thinking if I have time, I may just make two.



Aunt Kathy said...

Hey Mel... this summer, Shelly and I and a friend of hers are all going to do a 2 socks on circular's makeshift KAL, I think maybe you should join us. We can all be askeered together

kadezmom said...

Boom Boom ain't it great to be crazy

boom boom ain't it great to be nuts like us....

Silly and foolish all day through

Boom boom ain't it great to be

craaaaa zzzzzeeeeee?

Okay, so a little of that is wishful thinking, but ya know......

Nice job on the purse!

Wendy said...

LOVE the purse.....and the color of the sock is wonderful....I wish I was seeing the flowers....
have a great day.....

Christy B. said...

Pretty purse. You are so talented! Don't you just love spring? Well, except for the allergies but still you're not freezing your tail off.

Briley said...

First of all, you continue to make me jealous of the weather you are having! It snowed twice this week.

The bag turned out great, and I'm really loving your socks. I think you were meant to be a sock knitter.

I like DPNs and knit with them often, but my last 2 pairs of socks were knit with 2 circulars. Let me tell you what I think:

biggest pro:
It's much easier to keep track of a pattern stitch/ color-work pattern when you are switching needles less often.

biggest con:
more pull between the two needles, forcing you to work a little more at avoiding ladders.

Over all, I do like the technique and will continue to use it (though not exclusively) because it really does make it so much easier to work a pattern on two halves over four quarters. I think you should try it! Join Aunt Kathy's KAL.

Do you think this comment is long enough?

hakucho said...

I'm not too keen on trying the two socks at a time (yes I'm scared), but my friend Ang says this is a good tutorial:
Maybe one day I'll get my courage up...there is a drawback though I'd have to buy the needles :(

Love your really looks fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

I like your bag much better than the one pictured with the original pattern. I would say your changes are a happy accident :-D

<3, solmama

Tea said...

The bag is adorable! I love the tie thingy & the taupe yarn looks so wonderfully earthy. I'm giving you an A+ on this one. ;)

Love them socks! I'm glad you can knit socks & likes them lil ol' needles...not me.
Maybe I can trade my sock circs to hakucho for a tinker toy swift. ;p

kadezmom said...

And now you have another year to claim too!

Happy Birthday!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Very cute purse & Happy Birthday!!!!!

Wendy said...

You've been tagged, check out my blog for details..

Renna said...

I love that purse. I've been on the prowl for a knitted (but not felted) purse pattern. I didn't realize the Crochet Dude did knit patterns. I can't wait to get some bulky yarn and knit one for myself. :-)