Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Am Still Alive....Frazzled, But Alive

Wow, I didn't realize it had been THAT long since I posted! Things have been a bit crazy and stressful here lately. Thursday night, my Mom had to go the emergency room....she has COPD and is on oxygen but normally she does really well. She has been fighting a cold (we all have) and after a week of not getting better, she suddenly got worse. My sister took her to the ER and she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. She's doing much better today and may even get to come home tomorrow. Thankfully, she has a wonderful doctor who knows what's best for her...despite everything she says. lol

Yesterday was a day of storms and tornadoes. This is what it looked like during the day. It should not be this dark in the daytime. It got a little scary there for a while. We had two that got way too close for comfort. These aren't even the worst of the clouds....I just wasn't going out there in the worst parts taking pictures. :P

I did manage to get some knitting done. I am so glad that yucky "what the heck am I gonna knit" feeling is gone. YAY!!! I really didn't like that at all. This is the Cascade Fixation yarn that Cat sent me...she is my enabler. Okay, I do it to her, too...fair is fair I guess. lol It took me a while to get the hang of it. With the elastic and my tight knitting....we had to do some compromising with each other. My Cascade and I are now really good friends. I LOVE THIS YARN!!! I have to have more!!! Where do I get this stuff!? I am also totally and completely in love with this sock pattern. For a newbie sock knitter to be able to knit something so pretty that looks complicated is just absolutely awesome!!! I cannot wait to finish them and wear them and tell everybody I see (even if they could not care less) I MADE THESE!!! I highly recommend the Broadripple Socks . Until something better comes along...if that's even possible.....these are my favorites. I should probably wait until I actually put them on to say that but how can they not be awesome? For any other newbie sock knitters....try this's so easy you won't believe you're knitting such beautiful socks. Believe me...I am all about the quick and easy. lol

Sorry I took so long to post again. Life gets all have been there. And if anyone doesn't already know....the new spring issue of Knitty is out! Check it out!



Sandy said...

Sorry to hear your mom's been in the hospital and hope she's better soon.

The picture of the clouds would have me in the basement, not a fan of being out in storms, so glad you get other pictures.

The socks......look yummy. Still on the list of things I need/want to learn how to do. I've not really made headway with the list lately.

Pop in for a visit,

Carol said...

Wow I was thinking about you, and wondering if you were affected by the tornadoes, glad to hear they didn't do any damage, Sorry your mom's not feeling well.

Take care Carol

Christy B. said...

Scary weather, wasn't it? Glad Atlanta broke it up before it hit y'all with too much wind.

Briley said...

Look at you! An expert sock knitter already.

Best wishes for your mom.

Shea said...

How awful. I hope your mom gets better quick!

hakucho said...

Sorry to hear that you had your mother in the ER. Glad she's doing better though. I've had pneumonia twice and it's no picnic. Hope she feels better real soon!

Love your socks. Very pretty pattern. Looks like you're hooked :)

happy knitting :)