Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jazzy Bear Is Ready To Go

I decided to make another of the Jean Greenhowe bears to go with "The Fuzzy Pink Baby Blanket That Never Grows". These bears are so quick to knit so I knew getting him done would be no problem. This one I knitted with Bernat Berella "4" on US Size 8 needles. He's about 9" tall and perfect for baby sized hugs. All I have to do now is make this darn blanket grow a little more and I am done. Either way...I'm done tomorrow....the shower is at 4:00 pm.

I broke down and went to the crochet class today. It wasn't exactly what I expected but I did learn some tricks I would never have learned on my own. Kelsey taught the class and she is so sweet and so patient. I know that if I needed extra help...she would take a moment to point me in the right direction. We left with a scarf pattern and I hope when I get some things done...I can give it a try. She did take a minute to show me a little about making granny squares. If I can ever get the hang of that one thing...I think I'll be satisfied. I could make them to donate or put them together myself and donate the blanket or afghan. Then again, being able to crochet a baby blanket would sure help me out a lot in the near future. I just need to try to fit in some time to practice what I learned today and then go from there.

I took my double points that I purchased not so long ago back (one of them broke the first time I used them). Margaret (my LYS owner) graciously took them back and let me get different ones. I settled on a set of "addi" premium US #2/3.00mm and these are (I think) bamboo. The ones I returned were made of birch....very thin and fragile. I think I'm going to like these much better...I sure hope so cuz they were even more expensive. :P

Okay...back to the blanket. Hugs!!!


Briley said...

The bear is adorable. I know you will get the hang of crochet. Be patient. Soon you will have no idea why you once found it difficult.

Cat said...

Oh I've broken the birch ones also. Shshsh I just ordered the KnitPicks Harmony DPNs, an early bday present for myself ;-).


hakucho said...

Your bear is adorable!! Nice work on Kathy's etsy profile picture :)