Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Thunder Rolls....

Not a lot of knitting news today. I mainly tried to focus on "The Fluffy Pink Baby Blankie That Never Grows". I got three skeins to do this blanket and I am ready to start on skein #3 but it seems like I'm never gonna get to the end. And it's not as big as I think it should be at this point. I have decided that the next baby blanket will NOT be done with this yarn. (Red Heart Baby Clouds) It's pretty but.....GRRRRRRRRRR!!

Mother Nature was in rare form today. The morning started out like this. It rained off and on all day but when it was raining...it was pouring. We were also under a tornado watch until around 6:45 pm. I am sooo glad the tornados didn't rear their ugly heads. I hope there wasn't much damage anywhere else. I haven't heard the latest news yet.

This photo was taken this afternoon...around 6:00 pm. The sun peeked out a few times just briefly but most of our day today was spent looking like "almost dark thirty". It's really messed my time up today.

I got this one in one of those rare and fleeting moments when the sun did come out....as it was going down. Too little, too late. The photo is a lot darker than it looked out but I love the dramatic clouds. Seriously though...scary stuff hanging around here today. It's over and gone...thank goodness. Let's hope for some sunshine and calm weather tomorrow...for everybody.



kadezmom said...

I love the pictures. You are really gifted.

Now, for the computer idiot in me, how do I get the button onto my blog? Is there code or is it a just save to my pictures and add the link somewhere myself? Beautiful job on the button, Miss Talented!

Aunt Kathy said...

Yep that camera is really taking some great pictures, or is it not the camera that's awesome but the photographer, hmmm I choose the photographer

Christy B. said...

What awesome pictures. You are so talented with the camera and the needles (well, knitting ones, not syringes). I think you'll be getting some more rain. Just left Georgia for the East Coast!

hakucho said...

Your pictures look so ominous! We're been getting lots of rain here. Glad it wasn't snow because we would have had a ton :)

Good luck finishing your blanket...bet it's very soft :)