Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Checking In....

Spring is officially here...look at my Granny Smith apple tree. YAY!! Last year was the first year he officially produced anything remotely edible. If I remember correctly, we counted about 60 little apples last year. They didn't get very big but I tried them anyway and they were right tasty little things. I have high hopes for this guy this year.

No new knitting pictures to share...sorry. By the time I realized it, it was too late in the day to attempt it. They would have been crappy photos at this point. I have been knitting though not on the original projects....bag and sock and the long neglected Icelandic Shawl. I've got two new dishcloth designs done for my new group that I will post as freebies when the KALs are done.
I have a little bit of progress on the bag and the second sock just not as much as I had hoped at this point.

I decided to go ahead and start the second sock and let the other sit until I get them both to the same point...toe decreases. That way, they're both the same size. I have this morbid fear that if I finish the first one completely and then do the second one that somehow I will end up with two completely different size socks. In "Melanie Logic" this makes perfect sense. lol

Hope you're all well or getting well...we're still working on it and now we have the lovely pollen to add to our troubles. Yuck! I'm convinced that I have bronchitis since it hasn't gone away like a cold would and it has all settled down in my chest. Another YUCK! But, I feel okay otherwise so I'm gonna tough it out. It'll have to go sometime.

Off to try to get some knitting time in on these two little projects so I can get back to the shawl. It's beginning to haunt me. lol



Shorty said...

I'll be glad when spring actually arrives here in Michigan. We got a couple more inches of snow, again, Thursday. Luckily it all but melted away yesterday. And so far today is looking pretty good.

Enjoy your beautiful day. And Knit Happy!!!


Tea said...

I can't wait to see your new designs!

Hope you get to feeling better soon. If you are into herbal tea...steep 1 tablespoon of common mullein per cup of hot water & you will see a real difference in your condition in 24 hours. Don't tell any drs about it though; it'd just ruin the millions/yr income. ;0

hakucho said...

Hope you'll be feeling much better real soon. Now that's everything is popping out where you are, it will make things worse I'm sure.
Take care ...hugs :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Now Mel this is where you learn to do socks on circulars instead of DPN's and then you cast on 2 socks at the same time, this was you are doing the same thing on both socks every row.

Ok have I tried this yet, NOPE. But I know when I am ready to do socks again I will give it at least one try. LOL

kadezmom said...


(deep sigh)

It looks great! Thanks for sharing. It'll still be a bit here.

Shelly logic totally understands Melanie logic and that's the kind of stuff that makes life f-u-n!

Wendy said...

Ok my dear...a little news here from someone who has had bronchitis more than I care to say...But there is a very very fine line between bronchitis and pnemonia(?) and though you may feel fine, you could have walking Pnemonia....please please please I am begging you please go to the doctors...the pollen will not help matters any.....
I actually saw a leaf bud on my moms rose bush today...could it have been real or a figment of my imagination...