Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time For Some New Things

I have been fighting a stinking cold for what seems like forever now. Does this make you make all fuzzy headed? I can't seem to keep up some days. :P I will be so glad when this is over so I can think like a normal person again. At least today, I can breathe freely. YAY!!

This is one of my new things. My snail dishcloth. It's going on the Dishing Knit Out site. I thought she turned out pretty cute.

And my little chick who will also be there. I'm trying to get new designs charted up and done. It has been so long. I've really neglected that site.

This is my newest venture. My friend Shirl has done a few KALs to help out in one of our groups while the owner was sick. Now that she's feeling better....I thought it would be a nice surprise to set up a dishcloth KAL group for her. She's so sweet and really enjoys doing the KALs. So, if anyone is interested....come on over to Shirley's Knitting Knook and join us for some friendly chat and two KALs a month. Not a lot of rules....just friends hanging out, chatting and knitting. We'd sure love to have you. You can also leave me a comment (or Froggie...she's gonna be there too of course) and we'll send you an invite. It's gonna be pretty lonely without our friends there to hang out with us.


TheAngelForever said...

I absolutely adore your work. I just signed up to join the KAL group. As I posted there I am a dish/wash cloth knitting addict now thanks partially to you and your patterns :)

The Angel Forever

Aunt Kathy said...

Nice Job Melanie. I would be interested in the KAL, of course I am up to the ears in VJG blankets. But it sounds like fun... you can send me an invite if you'd like.

hakucho said...

Your snail dishcloth is super cute!!

Happy Easter :)

Christy B. said...

I just love your patterns. The chickie is too cute. Hope the Easter Bunny dropped off a lot of chocolate!