Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Use For Potato Chips...

Another use for potato chips.....

A science project. Leave it to my youngest...Ms pick a project involving chips. She would live off of Nacho Cheese Doritos if I let her. This is so not my idea of a great way to spend your Sunday but it had to be done. It's pretty basic as far as science projects go but she did a good job with it I think. I did help with the typing and the grammar but overall she "done good".
The title was "Grease Is The Word" and it was to determine if all chips have the same amount of grease. We concluded that baked chips contain less grease than regular or reduced fat chips...if any of you are interested.

These two photos were taken yesterday evening. I had to make a trip to the grocery store and the sky was just unbelievable. The photos are nice but I just wish you could have been there. It was so much more dramatic in person. The first photo is the sky on the way TO the store.

This is what we saw on the way back home. It was just a quick run so there wasn't a large amount of time that passed since we headed up the road. On the way home, it had turned a most vivid shade of pink. The pictures really don't capture the colors true to life. That and....
I was driving and just holding the camera up and shooting. No aiming, no planning....I had to watch the road. I got a lot of shots of "what the heck is that?" in between the decent shots.
Not too bad for "blind" photographing.

I haven't done much knitting today. I'm sorting through some patterns for the perfect teddy bear. (Read that as....the easiest teddy bear pattern around!) I need to make one for a friend soon and it will be my first knitted toy. My wonderful friend, Shirls, sent me a couple that I think I may try. Wish me luck!

Hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend. Hugs!

*Shirls, lief jou baie, my lieftste vriendin!*


sjmercure said...

That second pic looks kinda scary. Like a big tornado style storm is brewing.

Cat said...

Oh what a great science project. WOW!!! The sky pictures are awesome. I would love to have been there to see it in person.


Briley said...

Great photos of the sky! I really like the second one.

hakucho said...

That's a great science project...when it's over you can eat your supplies ;)

Good luck finding the perfect teddy bear pattern.

Great foreboding sky photos!

Tea said...

Your daughter's science project is very nifty. She's a thoughtful little one for sure :)

Love the sky pictures. But, um yes, watch the road, Ma'am. lol