Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back To Normal!

Well, tomorrow, life will finally get back to normal. The kids go back to school and everything goes back to the way it's supposed to be. Boy, am I relieved! That sounds awful but a Mom needs some Mommy time.

I am moving on to project #2 on my Christmas list. It's the Isabeau Purse from Chez Plum. I am going to use my stash of variegated cotton on this one. Aunt Kathy has a finished one on her blog. It's so cute and it's the prize for this week on her blog contest. Check out her blog...she's having a contest all month long with prizes weekly. She's a super sweet lady and I think you'll enjoy the visit. (Hey, Aunt Kathy!)

Okay, got my pattern printed out and now I need to get to work. Hope everyone's New Year is starting out well and continues to just get better.

Hugs (Drukkies!) to everyone!


Wendy said...

oh I can't wait to see your purse also.......Brooke goes to school today, also....she is not very happy about it either...But will have a ball when she gets there (I wish it was not so, I did not want to get out of bed)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Your kiddos are already going back to school?? Your so lucky! Ashley is out until Monday.. ROFL!! What will I do this summer... just Christmas break has run me nutty!

Aunt Kathy said...

Hey Melanie,

I can't wait to see your Iseabeau bag. Shelly has made two already, she did a longer handle and a smaller needle so her girls can wear them over their shoulders, they are so cute. Hopefully she will blog them soon, or I am gonna blog them for her. LOL

My kids are HOME, lol. I guess my days of wishing they were heading back to school ended when they turned 22 and 25, huh?

Oh well.

I am so excited to give this contest prize away. And already have the 2nd weeks prize ready.

Christy B. said...

Love that purse. Just printed out the pattern! Thanks and good luck on daily posting! Look forward to reading them

hakucho said...

That is a really cute purse. Looks like you'll need to line it. Can't wait to see yours finished. I really need to start earlier this year on my gifts for next year.
You guys have an extra day off. My boys went back yesterday and not too happily either ;) Can't blame them it's so cold here, but by this weekend it's supposed to warm up...yay!

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the new look. New Year, new looks ;-) Wow your needles must be on fire.