Friday, January 25, 2008

Other Uses For Popcorn Tins

First of all, I have to admit that I totally stole this idea from Froggie . These were the Christmas popcorn tins at Walmart. They were on the markdown aisle for less than $2.oo and once you remove the bag of popcorn inside, they make awesome little knitting tins. I need to add a bit of velcro on the sides to hold the little wicker top tends to slide a bit. Not a bad little "bag" for 2 bucks. Thanks, Froggie.

I almost finished knitting all the pieces for my little duck. Just have a foot and the beak left to knit and then put it all together and put the stuffing inside. I still have plans for the teddy bear just haven't started it yet. The first attempt got sent to the frog pond. Now if I can just get good at seaming...I think might actually enjoy knitting toys.

The weather man is running his mouth again. We're watching for some sleet and possibly a little snow tonight. Let's hope he's consistent and usual. I don't want any more nasty sleet.
We brought in the wood for the fireplace just in case. Better safe than sorry.


amy-lynne......... said...

you are welcome for the idea.... thanks for the weather update... i haven't seen or heard the news yet...i need to borrow your idea on the lid... i don't have the lid on mine... i need to do that....thanks

Cat said...

OH that is so cute. I can't wait to see pics of the duck.


hakucho said...

I always like to reuse things too, but sometimes I save too many...any ideas for clementine boxes?

Good luck with your duck...seaming is not one of my favorite parts of knitting. Hope all goes well :)

Christy B. said...

Do we have the same weatherman?
'Cause ours change their minds as fast as I can frog my shawls.

mari said...

What a great idea.

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi Mel...

Who are the duck and teddy bear for? I'd love to see the patterns you are using. I have been making a barnyard of knitted animals for Adam, and a duck would be awesome. I usually crochet mine I am not sure if I could knit one but I'd love to try.

That container does look good. Where did you find the wicker lid?