Saturday, January 5, 2008

Icelandic Shawl Kit

Today I remembered to take a photo of my kit for the Icelandic Shawl . This was my first order with Sarah's Yarns and I am really pleased with them. The service is great and the shipping was so fast. I'm really looking forward to this KAL. I am planning on keeping this shawl for myself but you know how my plans go...someone always ends up taking whatever I knit.

I had made the wrapper cloth for my mail carrier and it was well received. She left a very nice "Thank You" card with the mail saying she didn't want to use it and mess it up. Then, yesterday, when she dropped off my books...she told me she loved it and asked if I sold them. I told her I would be happy to make her some more. This began an "argument" about whether or not she would be paying for them. I tried to explain to her that I have a ridiculous stash of cotton yarn that needs to be knitted up. Anyway, we agreed to argue about that more when I get her some cloths finished. lol I was happy just to know that someone appreciated and enjoyed a cloth that I made.

I am making progress on the Isabeau Purse...not as much as I would like...but progress still. I am already thinking once I get one finished and understand the construction of the whole thing...I want to make some in a bigger size. They are so cute. Shelly made a couple for her daughters and they turned out great. She made a longer strap so they can carry them as a shoulder bag rather than the small, short handle purse. I may try that as well...the small handles just aren't as convenient for me.

Hope you're all staying warm and many storms all over. If anyone is getting too much snow, feel free to send us some. We never get any here.

*to my SA friends....Liefde en drukkies.*


Anonymous said...

OH I so can't wait until Feb. when we start. That is so sweet of your mail lady, and you of course.


Beth said...

That's so sweet of you to do for your mail carrier. I have yet to buy really good yarn. I'm so afraid I'll be addicted too.

Tea said...

Beautiful yarn in your kit! When you finish the shawl you just might love it enough to tell people to keep their hands off!! lol ;)

Ain't it nice when folks appreciate your knitting! Your mail lady is one smart gal. And it's mighty nice of you to knit those for her.

hakucho said...

Can't wait to see your shawl in progress. The yarn looks wonderful in the kit. Got to love your mail carrier!! it's nice to know when some one REALLY appreciates your knitting. I've book marked that wrapper pattern...will be great to use for little gifts for next year. I have a problem though...too much to knit, too little time!!!

happy knitting :)

Aunt Kathy said...

What a surprise, my contest prize this week is the wrapper cloth and a couple other things. That's two weeks in a row we have been on the same page with projects, hmmm, what will week three be? Maybe we should get together and see if that's gonna be the same too, LOL.

I love the looks of the shawl kit. It looks expensive and I love the colors