Friday, January 18, 2008


Just a couple more snow photos for MissMandyGirl. She missed out on the snow (Sorry) and likes the snow pictures.
I'm not sure which one of the cats outside left these tracks...there are about 3 or 4 running around out there.

We are waiting for more to come sometime in the morning. We'll see when we wake up.

Can you believe I'm still trying to get the perfect Blah Buster Buddy for my Cocoa Swap partner? I really need to get busy and make a decison. I've got several patterns that I'm thinking over. I hope to figure it out tonight and get it cast on. I think another dive in the yarn stash may help to inspire me.

I'm having some Chicken Pot Pie tonight. I had a couple of "takers" on the salmon bout the Pie? It's almost home-made. It's pretty darn good if I say so myself...I made it so I have to say that. Okay...I'm off to chow down and then do a little yarn diving.

Hope you're all warm and cozy and knitting away.


Wendy said...

I'll take a plate of the Pot Pie to go, also.........I made tuna noodle casserole, Miss Brooke wanted it, she just loves Tuna...William actually pigged out also, and if he only knew what was in there...He would have turned up his nose...
I make a Chicken pot pie, that I put all my ingredients in the pan, then spoon on Bisquick mixed like dumpling batter.....Hubby and kids love it...and it is just too easy..
Have a great night....

Briley said...

Oh, I hope the pattern I sent arrives soon! Maybe tomorrow. It is a nice one.

I love the snow photos!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

It's just no fair, We're getting the cold with no snow....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I love the pawprints in the snow!

And dont you dare tempt me with potpie lol

hakucho said...

Homemade chickenpot pie is the best :) I make mine with Mrs. Knorr's Leek soup.
How do you make yours ?

More snow coming...lucky you. I'm happy that the snow we were supposed to get tonight - isn't going to happen, guess it's heading your way instead :)

Cat said...

Dang girl you all had snow the other day. We had a teeny tiny amount, you definitely beat us.

Mmmmm YUM I'll join you, I love pot pie.