Thursday, January 3, 2008

We Can Wear Our Jammies All Day!

I just found out from Cat that Sunday, January the 6th is International Pajama Day. At least for one day, it's perfectly fine to run around all day long in your jammies. If anyone says anything, just direct them to the website...we have proof. So, I will most definitely be joining Cat for this fun my jammies, my French Vanilla Cappuccino, and my knitting all lined up and ready to go. I might just add a little fire in the fireplace to make it even more special. lol

On another note, I did do a little yarn shopping today but not a lot. I got a skein of acrylic for making some pocketbook slippers and another skein of Wool Ease from Lion Brand to try out with the Isabeau Purse . I going to finish the one in cotton but I also want to try this out and see how it works up with the Wool Ease. Then I will have another excuse to go shopping for some fabric to line the purses. :)

It's only been three days but so far I have managed to keep up my posting here and on my photo blog. Yeah, two 365 Projects at one time...I must be crazy. It won't be the first time someone has told me that. lol

Okay, back to knitting....get those jammies washed up and ready. Sunday is only 3 days away.
You don't have to wear them to church but I do expect you to get them on as soon as you get home. Come on now, what's a pajama party without your friends?


Emma said...

Hello! I happened upon your blog through the Knitting Blogs ring and wanted to say hi!

Can't wait to see how your purse and slippers turn out.

amy-lynne......... said...

i am ready . in jammies now. lol. cute pooh and piglet

Lil Knitter said...

Oh yeah, I might have forgotten to mention mine on now too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah mine are always on, well okay I do get dressed during the day LOL but in organic cotton sweats and a t LOL. Then around 7 I put jammies on ;-)
Oh I can't wait for you to do it in the wool ease, I want to see how it comes out as I have a ton I want to knit up this year.


Tea said...

I was in walmart a few weeks back & saw a teenager in a footed sleeper! She should have waited for pj

The purse in wool-ease sounds interesting.

Emma said...

It really is cold! I'l be glad when it warms up a bit again.... That book really is awesome. It has some very cool projects in it.

Aunt Kathy said...

I wear my jammies 24/7 unless I have to leave the house. It's one of the benefits, ok maybe the only benefit, of being disabled.

I do however wear my slippers to church so does that count as being in jammies when at church, lol

hakucho said...

The kids around here wear p.j.'s (or at least they look like p.j.s) all the time. My boys won't - even if it's a designated wear p.j.s to school day. I wonder what our minister would think if I wore p.j.s to church Sunday...very tempting and I'll bring my knitting, too ;)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

You know I think I actually did wear mmmy pajamas all day that day.. but who knew? Not me! haha!