Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Winter Weather Update!

OMG! Can you believe it?! It is actually snowing here! Absolute pure, white, fluffy, no ice included snow. My kids are going insane with joy. We stopped what we were doing and grabbed some shoes and out the door we went. Yeah, I grabbed my camera on my way. I mean this just happen here and I had to get some proof. Did you know that it's hard for an amateur to take photos of snow in the dark? I only have a digital camera...not one of those nice fancy, make all the necessary adjustments kinda cameras. I think I got some pretty decent shots considering.
The picture above is my pecan tree which, btw, put off an enormous amount of pecans this year.

This is my little shrub by the front steps. I was just so excited to see the snow that I was taking pictures of anything and everything. Luckily, I won't share them all and bore you to tears. I just had to share the joy.

Big thanks to Brian and Wendy who promised me they would send me snow. It's here!!!


Anonymous said...

isn't it nice?! it started snowing here shortly after 7. there's just enough on the ground to scrape it together to make a small snowball. the husband has several of them dotting our front window.

Tea said...

Very nice snow pictures, Melanie! I'M the pecan tree, too. I need to grow one what with the price of them in the stores.

We're supposed to get some snow, too, but I'm a-thinkin' it sneaked over the mountains and down your way. Anyways, I'm tickled Ms. T got her snow!

kadezmom said...


Great pics.

I'm waiting for a fresh batch as well. Accuweather says we're not getting any...and the local weatherman says 6 inches. Hummmmmm. The good news is that it's so cold, it'll be snow and no ice.

Have a great day playing tomorrow!

hakucho said...

Hope you have enough to build a snowman :) Yay for snow anywhere but here :)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Yaay! Your so lucky getting snow, we haven't seen any this year... we hardly ever get any but NON at all this year! It Sucks :(