Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodies From South Africa

Froggie and I had a "girl's day out" today. It's been a while and we both needed it bad. lol
We hit a few thrift stores and of course the LYS, Hobby Lobby and Michael' have to do some yarn shopping. It's was a very nice day and I wish we could do it more often. After picking up the kids from school...I came home to find that I had received a package from my wonderful friend Shirley in South Africa. They don't get Peaches & Cream or Sugar & Cream over there so Froggie and I had sent her a package with lots of cotton and a few other little extras. This is what I got from Shirl today.....

an awesome package of so many different yarns. I can't even begin to describe my excitement when I opened this box. There was more of the pretty fuzzies, some ribbon type yarn and lots of wools and the softest acrylics and....I haven't done inventory yet to let you know what they all are. I was too excited. She also included some candy (chocolate and Jelly Tots) which have been mostly devoured already by the kids. lol Jelly Tots were a huge hit! I did manage to get a little of the chocolate myself.

She also sent me this scarf and glove set that she knit herself. They're fingerless gloves and they're so soft and warm. I am actually looking forward to getting out in the morning so I can try them out. The picture really doesn't do it justice...they're gorgeous!

Now I'm off to listen to the CD she included with some music from South Africa.

Dankie, Shirl! You really made my day.
Lief jou baie!!!


sjmercure said...

Oh wow, I'm so jealous. That's a great haul. And there's nothing wrong with a girl's day out. Some days you just need it!

kadezmom said...

Beautiful!!!!!! I can't decide which way I'm more jealous.....the box you got or the shopping trip. Sounds like a blast.

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow Melanie, not sure if I am more excited that you and Amy-Lynne got to spend a day together, or that you got a gift box of goodies or about those awesome mittens. Wow they are so cool looking. I could sure use a pair right now, it's so cold in my house, LOL

Briley said...

Wow, what wonderful surprise! The yarns are lovely, and those fingerless gloves are perfect for your climate!

hakucho said...

That is quite an assortment of lovely yarn and a fabulous hand-knit set from your far-a-way friend! Your girls' day out sounds like fun. Nice to do those kind of things now and then :)

happy knitting with all your new yarn :)

Cat said...

Oh that was so sweet of you all to do that. Shirl is a very sweet person but so are you and Froggie :-)


P.S. I'm glad I can finally get to your blog for some reason I couldn't the last few days.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Gorgeous yarns!!!